How Many AP Classes To Take For An Ideal Academic Career

by Ignite Training Institute

The Advanced Placement (AP) program was designed by the CollegeBoard for high school students to enroll in these advanced courses & prepare for higher-level efficiency. Generally, how many AP classes to take is the biggest question about the program. Read ahead to make an informed choice for your career goals.

The AP courses are considered college-level entrance examinations that you can appear for during your high school years. Furthermore, if you pass the corresponding AP exam, candidates receive college credit for the course.

The idea for Advanced Placement courses emerged in the mid-1950s in response to a growing gap between secondary education (high school) and higher education. In 1952, 11 disciplines were offered as part of a pilot program; nevertheless, the College Board Advanced Placement Program did not begin until the 1956-1957 academic year.

Over the years, this initiative’s reach & popularity grew significantly. Approximately 2.8 million students worldwide sit for AP exams each year, spanning 38 different disciplines. Students are also far more likely to enroll in more than one Advanced Placement course during their time in high school.

As Ignite Training Institute offers full academic support for Advanced Placements, find out the ideal number of AP classes you must take going forward. 

What Are Advanced Placements?

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are equivalent to first-year college courses that are administered & taught at the high school level. It is highly standardized and overseen by the CollegeBoard which is also a UN’s non-profit organization. There are a total of 38 AP tests available for students around the world, including topics as diverse as psychology, art, humanities, science, mathematics, history, and languages. 

As AP courses aim to better prepare students for higher education levels. Compared to regular classes, AP programs are unique since they are meant to prepare students for a springtime standardized test & earn credits for college. The exams are governed by the CollegeBoard to manifest that the students are ready for college-level competency. 

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How Many AP Classes To Take For Admissions In Top Universities?

Students achieving an AP score beyond 3 have the foundational skills necessary to earn the college credits for admission to top universities. They can take as many Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams as they can, but the exact number also depends on their goals & their aspiring university. Ideally, candidates should ‘pursue at least five college-level courses’ during high school, according to a study by UNC-Chapel Hill admissions officials published in 2013. However, it is important to keep in mind that acceptance rates have decreased significantly and competition is fiercer than ever since the study was published.

The decision of choosing the ideal number of AP classes should also depend on a student’s ability to acknowledge the overburden in their schedule. It’s important to go for high-difficulty core courses that also go with your interests to enroll yourself in top universities. The ideal criteria are to challenge yourself with rich programs at the school level so as to develop proficiency at the college level. 

In case you’re applying for highly-selective colleges or scholarships, the number should fall anywhere between seven to twelve. 

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Advantages Of Taking AP Classes For Students

Students are more likely to achieve their academic goals with the greatest supervision, hard work, and intensive practice. As AP courses are a great means to present a competitive application to different college boards. Here are a few benefits of taking AP courses among many others:

ap classes to take

1. Prepares For College Level Proficiency

AP courses foster college-level aptitude. Going forward with these programs helps increase confidence and other abilities like critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management.

2. Builds Extraordinary College Applications

First, AP courses encourage & develop college-level skills. Taking these programs helps build confidence and abilities like critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management to thrive in college. It lays the foundation for an extraordinary college application. 

3. Global Recognition By Top Universities

Top schools and institutions worldwide accept Advanced Placements credits as a means to highlight students’ efficiency & zeal to challenge themselves academically. It’s also standardized with a 60%+ passing rate. 

What Are All The AP Classes For Candidates

As you read this list, give some thought to the topics that really interest you. Here are 38 AP courses in total that you can choose from based upon your goals & interests:

  1. AP Research
  2. AP Seminar
  3. Art and Design (formerly Studio Art): 2-D Design
  4. Art and Design (formerly Studio Art): 3-D Design
  5. Art and Design (formerly Studio Art): Drawing
  6. Art History
  7. Biology
  8. Calculus AB
  9. Calculus BC
  10. Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  11. Physics 2: Algebra-Based
  12. Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  13. Physics C: Mechanics
  14. Psychology
  15. Spanish Language and Culture
  16. Spanish Literature and Culture
  17. Statistics
  18. US History
  19. World History: Modern
  20. Chemistry
  21. Chinese Language and Culture
  22. Computer Science A
  23. Computer Science Principles
  24. English Language and Composition
  25. English Literature and Composition
  26. Environmental Science
  27. European History
  28. French Language and Culture
  29. German Language and Culture
  30. Government and Politics (Comparative)
  31. Government and Politics (US)
  32. Human Geography
  33. Italian Language and Culture
  34. Japanese Language and Culture
  35. Latin
  36. Macroeconomics
  37. Microeconomics
  38. Music Theory

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Which AP Is The Hardest Amongst All The AP Classes?

It’s difficult to determine the “hardest” AP class as it largely depends on the individual student’s strengths, interests, and study habits. However, some commonly cited challenging AP classes include AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP English Language and Composition. The level of difficulty can vary from year to year and from school to school.

Which AP Class Is The Easiest?

The 2022 success rate of 69% is approximately average, and AP Computer Science Principles has the lowest difficulty rating of any AP course, at just 2.8 out of 10 (1 being the easiest).

Is Taking AP (Advanced Placement) Classes Worth It?

If you want to get into a highly competitive & selective university, you should take as many Advanced Placement courses as possible to earn college credits. Applicants seeking admission to top colleges are often advised to take anywhere from seven to twelve Advanced Placement (AP) courses.


ap classes to take

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