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  • MYP

    Kick-start your MYP learnings with tutor-led courses that best suit your educational needs to excel at e-assessments.

  • IBDP

    Maximize to 45 points with subject-specific tutors that will help you get started & take you to the finish line.


    Get exclusive tutoring support for IGCSE / GCSE qualifications that guarantee multiple A* in the chosen subjects.

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    Enjoy excellent resources & training under top A-Levels tutors for all exam boards & pre-prep for higher studies.

  • Homeschooling

    Overcome the myths & take the first step by enrolling in our homeschooling program ensuring full training & growth.
How Is Learning With Us Different?
Highly-Qualified Tutors
Teaching In Small Groups
Better Grades Assurance
Full Exam Preparation
Focus On Fundamnetals
Result-Oriented Culture
Problem-Based Learning
Practice With Mock Exams
Enjoy Learning With Us
Making Subjects Simpler For You
At Ignite Training Institute, our team of international educational experts utilizes their tutoring experience to simplify learning for students. With our complete support at each step, acing exams becomes super easy!
Leverage The Curriculum-Specific Resources
With an in-house library of curriculum-specific customized resources, past papers, & question banks, we ensure additional support after full syllabus completion to ensure thorough exam preparation.